Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who I Am: The Warning

Who am I?
  • I am the most loyal person you’ve ever met.
  • I am the most honest (brutally so) person you may come to know.
  • I am the most caring person you’ve met.
  • I am someone who loves deeply.
  • I am the most generous person you know.
  • I am sure of myself.
  • I am spontaneous.
  • I am confident in myself.
  • I know who I am now and who I want to mature to be in the years to come.
  • I am a person who does not second guess herself.
  • I am open-minded.
  • I am non-judgmental.
  • I am a woman who does not hold grudges or seek revenge.
  • I am that woman who does not forget.
  • I am someone who remembers why I stop dealing with a person and if asked, could recount the laundry list of “things” that led to such a decision.
  • I am a person who does not need accolades.
  • I am someone who doesn’t need recognition.
  • I am someone who prefers to remain in the background.
  • I am sometimes easily annoyed.
  • I am irked by people who always seem to “forget” things that are clearly spoken about, often.
  • I am the best listener you could wish to speak to.
  • I am very introspective.
  • I am compassionate.
  • I am the one who, though I may not follow it, will respect your opinion until you give me reason to no longer respect you.
  • I am not to be confused with your other friends; I guarantee that my relationship with you is not like the one you have with them.
  • I am one of a kind.
  • I am evolving as a person and could only continue to surround myself with those who are evolving as well.
  • I am your best friend until you make me your enemy.
  • I am that person who once done with you, is done with you for good.
  • I am grateful for all that I am and for all that I have.
  • I am that person you don’t want to screw with.

How I operate:
  • Though there are times in which I am easily annoyed by a person or situation and though I don’t second guess decisions once they are made, I am reflective in my decision-making process. When I do find that my mind jumps to a certain conclusion or has a particular reaction to something or someone, I stop and think about the situation from every angle imaginable. If I feel that there is a chance that I still may be a bit rash in my thought process, I ask the opinion of one or two of a select few people whose opinions I value tremendously. Thinking this way and asking for others’ opinions on the rare occasion that they’re needed assures me that the response I do verbalize (which is generally my first reaction) is a rational one.
  • I do not intentionally set out to hurt anyone or make fools of people, so I do not think too much about you if I hurt your feelings. Whatever I may have said was spoken in honesty and out of love. If you’re sensitive, you’ll get over it. If you think you have thick skin and you find your feelings a bit hurt, you’ll get over it. If you find that you simply can’t handle my brutal honesty, move on to a new friend.
  • I respect you and your wishes and expect you to offer the same courtesy. Because I am very private when it comes to my personal life, I expect you to know that I don’t want personal matters posted online for the world to see; when I tell you these things after the fact, I don’t expect them to happen again. Once they do, I realize that you simply don’t respect my wishes and as a result, I am no longer capable of respecting you as much.
  • You who allow me to by myself, who allow me to be all of the “good” things that I am, who know that I will never intentionally hurt you, who realize that I analyze and re-analyze things I say before I actually utter them, know never to screw with me; there’s no need to. There’s no need to “try” me, to see how far you could push my buttons, to see how long it will take until I finally snap. You who know me know that you don’t want me to snap.
  • I care about you. I love you. I worry about your well-being. I am here for you at any time of any day. I will support you. I ask for nothing in return. I don’t ask, but I do advise that you don’t screw with me; don’t try my generosity, my love for you or someone else, my good intentions, or any of my other “good” traits. You don’t want to be exposed to those which are considered “bad.”
  • On the occasion that you repeatedly try me or what I stand for or aspire to represent through my life, I will cut you off. Rest assured, it will be a difficult thing to do. It will. But it will be done, nonetheless. Contrary to your belief, I do not enjoy cutting ties with people I love or once loved dearly, but at this stage in my life (and I’m sure this sentiment will only increase), I love myself too much to deal with people who only seem to pull me down. So while I do not enjoy eliminating people from my life, I dare you to screw with me on too many occasions; purge you from my life, I will.
How this pertains to you:
  • You’d be wise to remember who I am.

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