Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things ...

Once you've been tagged you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you:

1) I’ve never been any good with numbers; that’s Randall’s thing.

2) To this day, white water rafting at UC Davis the summer before my junior year in high school is probably the most fun thing I’ve ever done.

3) I really wish I’d taken French and not Spanish in high school like I wanted to rather than listening to my mom (who minored in French in college, by the way) and counselor who advised me to take the latter.

4) The only person’s response/replies/advice that play in my mind in moments of doubt are Randall’s. He prevents me from doing or not doing anything that I might regret and when I remember his response to my actions or ideas, I know that I made the right choice.

5) Although it’s lessened over the past year or so and I am not at all afraid of them, after a rather unpleasant experience living with a roommate who had two dogs, I have an aversion for all animals –especially dogs.

6) I’m spontaneous and sometimes quick to assume, but what I’ve realized is that my first instinct is almost always right or inevitably what I wish I’d gone with.

7) I keep wanting to chop off my hair again. Then I’ll see a picture of how long it was and remember that I want it to grow to the length it was before I cut it.

8) I have nicknames for most people, but I won’t shorten a person’s name if that’s what most people do or would do. For example: I will rarely call Jennifer, ‘Jenn’.

9) Regardless of whether or not I meet a person or have them described or simply spoken of a time or two, I form opinions about them very quickly. I know the type of person they are (trustworthy, scheming, etc.) immediately and if hearing about them from someone, I’m sure to let that person know my thoughts on whomever they’re speaking of. I’ve yet to be proven wrong about any of my presumptions.

10) I still sleep with Big Foot, my stuffed bunny rabbit that I’ve had for longer than I can remember and I cried a few months ago when I thought I’d lost her.

11) Since moving to Pittsburgh, I’ve learned many things about myself and life in general that I know I would’ve never learned had I stayed home.

12) I’m not a big fan of dresses. Not because I don’t like them, but because the ones I like never properly fit both my top and bottom halves. I get too frustrated trying to find one that will.

13) I really need to go to church and I’m an idiot for scheduling a class on Wednesday nights when that’s when I like to go. I just don't seem to wake up on Sunday mornings to go -terrible, I know.

14), ‘Shift F7’, and the squiggly red line that often appears when I type are my best friends. I truly cannot spell and forget the different meanings of far too many words.

15) Next to Randall, my Sunday drives to San Diego to clear my head, relax, and escape at my aunt’s house are what I miss most about Southern California.

16) I love commas and will sometimes misuse them just because I like them so much. Many times, I will flip a sentence around just so that I have to use one.

17) I didn't really start drinking wine until I moved to Pittsburgh and I have my cousin to thank for my appreciation of it.

18) I love it when people, particularly older people, tell me that I’m a wonderful person solely because I love replying “Thank you; my parents raised me to be this way.”

19) For some reason, I love to repeat myself when I write. It doesn’t matter if the sentences are back-to-back or spread out in my ramblings, but for some reason, I love to repeat myself when I write.

20) I sometimes feel bad for people who aren’t twins because they’ll never know how great it is to be one.

21) I really don’t understand how some twins don’t get along. That’s just strange.

22) Though I still have my occasional moments, talking to and hanging out with people out here who fail to admit to themselves that they are insanely insecure, has rid me of the few insecurities I once had.

23) I get a kick out of the fact that I listen to country music so much at work that if a song comes on the radio, there’s a good chance I’ll know who is singing. 

24) Virtually every time I drive into the city, I realize one of the things that captivated me a couple of years ago and am reminded as to why I so easily moved out here.

25) I will see any movie with Rachel McAdams or Taraji P. Henson; I’ve yet to be disappointed by any of their movies that I've seen.

26) Even though I don’t regret moving here, I curse this place for one reason or another about five days a week.

27) I burst into song every time I’m talking to Bisha and only Bisha. I don’t know what it is, but I couldn’t help it if I tried.

28) One of the top five grammatical errors that drives me crazy is the incorrect use of 'to', 'two', and 'too'. 

29) I’ve never been any good with numbers.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Old Folks and Babies

• I still can’t figure out how elderly people and babies live in Pittsburgh, well, cold weather in general, I guess. I just don’t get it. All winter long, especially on the too frequent occasions that I have to step outside of my apartment, I’m trying to figure out how people get used to the madness that is this weather. I can’t imagine having to bundle up a little kid in 16 layers of clothes just to run to the grocery store. And those poor kids, they’re the ones that get to peel off that stuff when they get to school or wherever. Sucks for them. But then I think about retired folks or those who are past their prime and I think about how much I’d hate to have to take my slower self outside for any reason. Then last night, as my car was sliding around all over the place and my brakes were of no use as I drove home from work in beyond stupid weather, I realized that it sucks for people in the middle too (not babies and the elderly). I mean, we’re the ones that do a good deal of the driving and running of errands and whatnot. Nonsense.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know; people who grow up in snow or stupid cold weather are used to it. When peeling off layers of clothes is all they know as a kid, it’s just another part of life when they’re a teenager and adult. I guess they get used to carrying a ridiculously large bundle of a kid whenever they have them. I guess they get used to carrying their slightly frail body outside in their later years.

Whatever, this shit is for the birds. What’s that mean? No clue, really. Something my cousin said once (and many times since) that just … made sense.

Anyway, I can’t figure out how anyone ever gets used to this madness –babies, elderly, and folks in the middle.

Though it was nice for classes to be canceled today, this shit is for the birds.

• On another note, my frail twin, Superran, ran a dang half marathon last weekend. He ran the entire thing because it was 'easier to run than walk'. I need to get on his workout status. I keep meaning to ask if his roommate ran the entire thing too; though I assume his hyper go lucky ass did.

• I am so very happy that I have another place to stay the next time I’m back home. Shout out to G.G. for finding Bisha’s spot!

• I absolutely love my Management Sales and Strategies course. At least I do at the present time. Yesterday: personality analysis. Next week: analyzing high and low self-esteem. Great stuff. I had so many epiphanies about certain people while in class yesterday. It was ridiculously wonderful. I’m beginning to understand why some people are always such assholes/b!tches –and not in a ‘haha funny’ way. As of now though, those people still get on my last frikkin nerve. But yup, lovin’ the class.

• What is the deal with all these guys with the name ‘Eric/Erik’? My dad, brother, my sister’s guy, my cousin’s guy, the homie’s unofficial guy. The list goes on and on. Are there no other names out there?

• I got a text the other day that cracked me the hell up: “In 2008, if you have sent me chain texts, prayers, or promises, NONE OF THAT SHIT WORKED. In 2009 please send cash, food stamps, and gas cards.” Funniest text I’d gotten in a long while.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things That Irk Me: Vol. 1, Everything

Things that irk the hell out of me (in no particular order):

♦ "Younger" people who insist on calling me and everyone else "Hun," "Sweetie," etc. "Hi Hun, I can help you." "Hey Sweetie, do you need anything?" Blah, blah, blah … Why the hell is your 25 year-old behind calling that 60 year-old woman "Hun?" Whatever happened to "Ma'am?" Goodness ...

♦ Those who find the need to text/email/call/etc. people when their birthday is coming up or has arrived. "Just a reminder, my birthday is in 17 days!" "The 'Countdown to my BIRTHDAY' has begun!" "Hey people, it's my birthday today!" Losers. What, are you afraid that the MySpace and Facebook birthday alerts won't be enough of a warning? If you have to tell folks it's your birthday in order to get that shout out that you're so desperately seeking, something's wrong. Losers ...

♦ People who can't seem to turn off their dang turn signal. I understand turning it on when switching lanes or veering to one direction and I thank you for that, but turn the sucker off once you've done one of those things. If you just switch lanes or veer to one direction when "turning," chances are that thing's NOT going to go off by itself. After 10, 15+ minutes of driving, why have you not figured out that you need to turn it off? I mean goodness, can you not seeing it blinking out the corner/bottom/top/whatever of your eyes? Idiots ...

♦ Idiots. I can't even elaborate on that ...

♦ Those birds perched in that tree RIGHT outside of my bedroom window that chirp their little hearts out at the crack of dawn EVERY doggone day. Those things sound like they're chillin' on the pillow next to me. Man, I wish they'd just wait until at least 9 ...

♦ People who take their jobs too seriously. Those who live and breathe work. Who have NO life outside of it. Get a hobby ... 

♦ People who can analyze and give the best advice/know what so and so should do in every situation, but are unable to take a deep look at themselves. Those who are unable to find ANY fault in themselves and who are unwilling to even listen to the opinions of others when it concerns them. No one said that they had to FOLLOW said advice/opinions, but they could at least listen ...

♦ When someone lacks a sense of humor. Crack a smile every now and then ...

♦ People, who when asked to pronounce their name, say "It doesn't matter …" How the hell does it NOT matter? Your parent(s) (whom I assume named you) pronounce it the "correct" way, right? So how does it not matter? I wish I would say "It doesn't matter" when people ask me that and then be called "Alecia (Uh-Lee-See-Uh)." *raised eyebrow* Uhhh, no ...

♦ Whatever the heck is outside that is rattling up again my bedroom wall and annoying THE HELL out of me every night ...