Saturday, April 18, 2009

Things That Irk Me: Vol. 2, Strictly People

Things that irk the hell out of me (in no particular order):

• Folks who can’t seem to return a call/text/email, but know how to make contact when they need something. You must be kidding …

• People who seemingly, inadvertently accuse you of something and then, when they realize their accusations are way off base, continue as if nothing happened. Umm, I’m going to need a couple of minutes …

• Those who make a mockery out of their religion. Who are a (fill in the blank) when it’s convenient to be and/or when they feel it will cause others to pay attention to them in some way. Those who MUST be at church every Sunday and at every Bible study, meeting, and play, but constantly sleep around something RIDICULOUS. Those who text and email Bible verses and post them on their page(s), but are in the club each and every weekend doing things that are too wild for “Girls (or Guys) Gone Wild.” Those who surely aren’t walking the walk or talking the talk. Stop being a hypocrite. Religion isn’t a joke. You are.

• People who initiate a text/email about some topic or another, and when asked about something they JUST mentioned, completely ignore the question –however simple it might be. Instead, they respond with a completely different message. Uhhh, huh? Did you really just completely disregard the question I asked about the topic that YOU brought up and expect me to reply to this new bit of nonsense? Riiiiiight.

• People who, whether they realize it or not, only call to complain about this, that, or the other. Ugh, leave me alone …

• Folks who have never been outside of the town in which they were born and yet for some reason, feel as though they’re an authority on the sorts of people who live in other places. Idiots.

• Those who call and/or text me after about 1:00 am during the week. Unless I was JUST talking to you or told you that I’d be up late, leave me alone. Yes, I’m usually up stupid late for no reason, but on the rare occasion that I’m actually in bed at a decent time, I don’t want to be jolted awake by the sound of my phone. I would just turn the thing off and keep it simple, but it serves as my alarm. And oh, if I called or texted you at like 10:00 pm, DON’T reply hours later. Goodness.

• People who act as though/seem to think that they’re the only ones EXTRA stressed out because of the recession. Get your head out of your ass and take a look around.

• Folks with no degree and next to no experience who quit their jobs (in these hard times) simply because they “don’t like it.” Really? Really? You deserve to not find another job for a good long while. Ugh.

• As of late, people in general …

To be continued …

• This I’ve mentioned before: People who have to send/post reminders for people to give them a shout out or to remind them of their birthday. Really? Really? Do you need attention that badly? If you have to remind your ‘friends’ that your birthday is coming up, there’s a problem. If you need attention that badly, there’s a problem. Really.

• Folks who send you a message
telling you to “give [them] some support by leaving a comment every now and then.” Are you frikkin kidding me? You grown ass, needy ass, f*cking LOSER. Loser.

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